Live-action Akira remake not dead yet, feels happy


Remember in Ghostbusters when Venkman says “This chick is toast,” they neutronize Gozer, and then Stay Puft shows up? Well, that’s kind of what’s happening with the live-action Akira remake. It looked pretty much dead yesterday, but no, it’s just resting. Stunned. Pining for the fjords.

Insiders have told Variety that production has been halted in order to rework the script. Right now, Jonathan Nolan (yup, Chris Nolan’s brother and collaborator) and Michael Green (Green Lantern) are being considered for the gig.

So the crisis has not been averted, only delayed. Given the history of this production, I’d say we’re about two to three months away from the next merciful setback. In the meantime, back to development limbo with ye.

[Variety via Twitch]

Hubert Vigilla
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