Lockout wallpapers courtesy of Flixist


Don’t you hate it when you can’t find any quality desktop wallpapers for a film you’re really looking forward to? You only find, like, a poster or sometimes just a pitiful thumbnail image because the PR team handling the movie is severely under-budgeted and/or incompetent?

Well, Flixist got yo back, bro! We took it upon ourselves to fix you up some nice new Lockout wallpapers reformatted from the poster that’s been seen around the net. Since the film comes out this Friday, here’s a gift from us guys to you’s guys in celebration of this most glorious occasion. Also, make sure to look forward to our interviews with the Lockout cast later this week!

We made the posters in three sizes: 1280×854, 1366×768 and 1600×1200, respectively. Pick the one that suits your monitor after the jump. These wallpapers don’t fit your screen? Request a size and we’ll do it up for ya!

[Via Filmofilia]