Logan has a “Post-credits” scene: Oh hey, it’s Deadpool!


The good news: you don’t have to stay into or to the end of the credits after viewing Logan to see this particular post-credits scene. It airs right before the movie; indeed, I wasn’t initially sure if it weren’t part of the movie (more on that in a minute).

The really good news? This post-credits scene is the first teaser for Deadpool 2, and it delivers everything you’d expect based off the original. Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool himself, and everything that promises.

There are some noted differences between the version I saw in theaters, and there version that Ryan Reynolds posted to YouTube (so here are your SPOILER warnings, folks). The theatrical version has heavy Reynolds voiceover, which creates more of a narrative; does not feature Stan Lee; and does not have Deadpool make a phone call–overall, it felt more ironic as the delayed tension set to the Superman theme music continued. But you’re getting to see it without visiting a theater, so maybe you’re due whichever version Ryan Reynolds opts to give you. Fear not! Both versions feature his bare ass pressed against the inside of a telephone booth.

And if you’re wondering how I could possibly be taken in by the notion that this was a part of Logan (which clearly has a much different mood and tone) it has to do with how hard Ryan Reynolds was pitching the idea of Deadpool and Wolverine meeting in a future flick (despite Hugh Jackman’s seeming retirement from the role). I though maybe all that had been noise and it had already happening. Some times, I can be very optimistic.

Deadpool 2 is due in 2018, so we’ve got a while to wait before our next installment from the foul-mouthed assassin-come-vigilante, or as he says in the spot, “Coming soon, but not nearly soon enough.”


[Via Polygon]