Logan in black and white is coming to theaters for one night


Everyone knows that when you put a movie in black and white it gets instantly more serious and more art house. This is a scientifically proven fact. That’s why James Mangold’s Logan, already the most art house main stream super hero flick out there, needed to have a black and white version. That version had been rumored for quite some time, but it’s now confirmed for both the Blu-ray release, and a one night showing in theaters.

Logan Noir, as the black and white version is called, will be screening on Tuesday, May 16, at Alamo Drafthouse theaters. After the showing you’ll be treated to a live Q&A with cast and crew as well. You can get tickets here.

This raises a lot of questions. The black and white version is said to be inspired by Mangold’s photography from the set that we all saw during promotion. However, converting to black and white isn’t as simple as switching the colors, and there’s no hint that they aren’t just doing that. If they want this to be more than just a gimmick they’ll need to do what Mad Max: Fury Road did and literally re-color everything. The description on the site of a new, monochromatic version leads one to believe that’s what they’re doing. If that’s the case we may have another recreation on our hands.

Another question raised by Logan Noir: should we consider Logan as a noir film?

Matthew Razak
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