Logan will have a post credit scene


We here at Flixist friggin love Logan. It’s a ballsy, brave, brash, violent and intriguing. It has it’s flaws, but they’re only flaws because it was just so damn different. One not-so-big difference from other Marvel films is a lack of after-credit sequence. Or so we thought. While the press screenings for the film did not have anything after the credits Collider is reporting that when the film releases there will be one.


I mean I’m going to see the movie again, but just allow me to wallow a bit in my completely unjustifiable self pity. I want to see whatever the extra 3 minutes that were added to the run time includes and I want to see it now!

Speculation is running wild, of course. Maybe Deadpool will show up for some random reason. Or could Cable be involved since time travel is pretty much necessary. I’d tell you what I’d want to see, but it would sadly spoil the film. 

Matthew Razak
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