Looks like Hugh Jackman might be playing Wolverine “one last time”


Wolverine has a history of appearing a little too much in both comics and movies, and the man who’s portrayed him on film, Hugh Jackman, is very aware of this too having done it seven times in a decade and a half. He’s gone on record before saying that he’s ready to give Wolverine a rest, but Jackman posted a photo on his Instagram recently of himself wearing the costumed claws with the text “Wolverine… one last time” underneath.

Fans are speculating whether if by “one last time” he means the already slated third Wolverine movie or some sort of appearance in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. It’s not quite clear yet, but Jackman has definitely earned a rest from the superhero game after so many years and some admittedly lackluster appearances of the character in recent years.

[via AV Club]