Looks like Top Gun 2 is in the works


The world of kacak iddaa air combat might kacak bahis have shifted from flashy aerial dogfights to dropping lots of bombs on very small targets — which is still cool! — but that illegal bahis might change if rumors of a sequel to Top Gun are to be believed. Disney’s producer extraordinaire Jerry Bruckheimer gave a hint that he had been “recently online bahis approached again to start talking about [a sequel],” and according to Vulture, Paramount bahis siteleri Pictures has confirmed that guvenilir bahis siteleri offers have been made to both Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott to revisit canli bahis siteleri the 1986 classic.

Interestingly, screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, known for The Usual Suspects (and recently attached to the X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel), is set to write the new script. Tom canli bahis Cruise’s character Maverick will be taking a back seat to a new cast, receiving a much iddaa siteleri smaller role, as long as it’s not too “obvious” for the actor. If he’s really that concerned about having a role that’s too natural, they should keep bahis him on his toes by demoting Maverick to the position of janitor or cafeteria worker and work in a subplot about working his his way back up the ladder.http://osbeta.org/

Apparently, the film is being made because of how much David Ellison, the son of the world’s six-richest man Larry Ellison, loved watching the original on VHS as a kid. David Ellison raised $350 million to co-finance many of Paramount’s upcoming films, including another upcoming release featuring Tom Cruise: Mission: Impossible 4. It’s kind of crazy when you have so much money and power that you can just go make sequels to your favorite childhood movies happen. Still, it was probably inevitable in an industry obsessed with sequels, remakes, and reboots.

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