Loose seal alert: Arrested Development movie confirmed


First and foremost, this magnificent Arrested Development/Peanuts mashup was made by the talented Bill Mudron and can be purchased here.

Now that the formalities are out of the way: HOLY CRAP! Since the show was cancelled so many years ago, rumors of an Arrested Development movie have been swirling more than a high school bully’s prized toilet (do kids still do that these days?). As time progressed, however, the prospects of such an endeavor gradually rose from a “We’ll see” response to a potential plot leak just a few months ago.

On October 2nd, 2011, the greatest news broke for both never-nudes and chickenologists alike: Arrested Development will return to TV in a limited season capacity, which will directly lead to the movie. Jason Bateman tweeted some more details, explaining that the plan involves shooting both a 10 episode season and the movie next summer with hopes of an early 2013 release.

So put on your favorite pair of cut-off jorts, grab your favorite cousin, and practice your chicken dances, because 2013 is coming faster than you’d think.

[via TMZ, via Will Arnett’s Twitter, via Jason Bateman’s Twitter, header image via Bill Mudron]