LOST’s Tania Raymonde set to get chainsawed


Like it or not, they’re making a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. Not much was known about the flick when we first reported on it, other than the completely unsurprising revelation that it would be filmed for 3D. Thanks to Deadline, we now know just who Leatherface will be attempting to murder this time around, as well as a few new plot details.

Tania Raymonde (probably best known as Alex Rousseau on TV’s LOST) has landed the lead role in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. She’ll play Nikki, a small-town girl who must travel to Texas in order to claim her inheritance. She’s joined by her best friend Heather, played by Percy Jackson & The Olympians star Alexandra Daddario. The film is being produced by Avi Lerner and Mark Burg, the latter of which was a producer on all seven movies in the Saw franchise, so clearly Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D has the pedigree to be a wholly terrible horror flick that will still make a gazillion dollars.

[Via Deadline]