Lou DiMaggio is going back to his stand-up roots


The list of comedians who cut their teeth in ’80s New York is impressive as it is exhaustive. The likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Larry David, Andy Kaufman, Ray Romano, and many, many more put in work at the Catch A Rising Star comedy club where they took the stage to test their mettle and boost their careers. A large number went on to star in movies and television shows, while one even went so far as to create the single greatest holiday song of all time. 

At the time, Lou DiMaggio was a part of this group and on the verge of something bigger. But then, he just stopped. Having moved out west to pursue acting, he put his standup on the backburner and spent his time in minor television roles and the writing room. Now, two decades after his last stand-up, he’s set to take the stage again. Where Have You Gone, Lou DiMaggio? tracks DiMaggio’s return with the memories and advice from some of the world’s biggest comics. 

Check out the trailer above, and catch Where Have You Gone, Lou DiMaggio? in theaters on March 9th, and on demand March 13th. 


Nick Hershey