Louis C.K. to write, direct, and star in new original film


Comedian and television star, Louis C.K., has just announced the he will begin work on a new movie project called I am a Cop. He has plans to pull a triple header with this one as writer, director, and star of the film. The movie will be produced by big-time producer, Scott Rudin.

I am a Cop will tell the story of a volunteer police officer who has to step up to fill the shoes of his recently deceased mother, a much decorated officer of the same force. The only problem is, her son, played by Louis C.K., never really wanted to be a cop in the first place.

The movie sounds in line with C.K.’s successful sitcom, Louie, with a melancholy tone and ironically mismatched twist. If you’ve been keeping up with Louie, the show itself feels like quite the artistic endeavor already, with thoughtful cinematography, monologues galore, and even a six-part episode in the previous season that could’ve stood on its own as a movie.

On comparing working on previous films as opposed to television, C.K. stated, “I don’t feel like I need anyone to tell me anything with a TV show because I know exactly what I’m doing, but I’d be arrogant to think that I can take someone’s $8 million and just turn in a movie.”

“I was dealing with people every day whose pressures I didn’t understand, and I wasn’t very nice about how I said no to them.” he continues. “I put myself in a position I didn’t have to be in. A lot of what makes this kind of stuff work is empathy.”

[via Hollywood Reporter]