Luke Skywalker confirmed for Episode IX?


Everyone stop everything! Mark Hamill may have just confirmed that Luke Skywalker is going to live through Star Wars Episode VIII and appear in Episode IX. Guess he won’t be going the way of our old pal Han then. The actor, in what is possibly a moment of not remembering that the Internet spoils everything, Tweeted the below: 

One, Mark Hamill is adorable and that’s an awesome video of a man being shaved. Two, we probably all guessed Hamill would be sticking around for a bit. The story line of the films, involving Rey’s lineage and mysterious past, pretty much demand he play an integral role. Plus, you never kill off a lead in the middle of a trilogy. You kill one at the beginning and then another at the end for the big emotional punch. Trilogy basics, really.

Matthew Razak
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