MacGruber will live again on Peacock in a limited series


For one reason or another, MacGruber is going to live again. In an announcement from NBC Universal and actor/writer Will Forte, Peacock is set to receive a limited series continuation of the 2010 cult comedy of the same name. Based on an SNL skit by Forte that ran in 2007, the movie released to some dismal critical reception and an average box-office take that essentially ensured it wouldn’t get a sequel.

Times have certainly changed, it seems. The series, set to debut in 2021, will be comprised of eight half-hour episodes that see star Forte reunite with the film’s director, Jorma Taccone (of The Lonely Island). The plot of this series will see MacGruber released from jail after a decade and embark on a new mission to stop a “mysterious” villain from his past.

Forte is set to write and executive produce the series along with original co-writers John Solomon and Jorma Taccone. Lorne Michael, John Goldwyn, Andrew Singer, and Erin David are also being tapped to executive produce. It’s essentially a small SNL reunion.

I don’t expect much of anything from this, but it’s nice that fans of MacGruber will be able to get more of…whatever it is the film contained.

Source: Variety

Peter Glagowski
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