Made In Abyss: Journey’s Dawn to be released March 2019


A personal vow that I made in 2019 was to not only cover more anime projects on Flixist, but just to watch more anime in general. While I wouldn’t say that 2018 was a bad year for anime, it was a year where I barely saw any new shows and the shows I did watch ranged from being disappointing (hi Darling in the FRANXX!) to okay at best. I just fell off the wagon with anime for about a year. It happens. But now I’m going to rectify that mistake by preaching to you all about the glory that is Made in Abyss.

Made in Abyss was a 2017 anime that launched on Amazon Prime and received rave reviews from the few people that watched it, myself included. Some people may roll their eyes when I describe it as “the Dark Souls of anime,” but I mean that as positively as possible. The world is rich with detail and lore with a memorable cast of characters that will scar your dreams for months to come. If you haven’t seen it, get on it immediately. It’s one of the few titles I will easily recommend to people that are looking for a new anime title and I even recommend it to beginners starting out with anime that think the genre is all Shonen action titles with no depth.

But in case you don’t want to watch the series for some bizarre reason, Made in Abyss is getting not one, but two feature films that will release over the course of 2019 in America! Both films will cover the first season of the anime with the first film, Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn, covering the first half of the 13 episode anime. The film will have an English subtitled release on March 20th with the English dub premiering on March 25th, both of which are through Fathom Events. With the recent release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the upcoming Alita: Battle Angel, it feels nice to see anime have a presence in American movie theaters again. It’s been ages since we’ve seen anime feature films get theatrical runs in the States, so here’s to more anime releases and to people giving Made in Abyss the love it deserves!

Jesse Lab
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