Major league dudemeat on display for Fast and Furious 6


Holy s**t guys, today’s all about sexual charge. Here are your first two official stills from Fast and Furious 6, and one released set photo. Look at that. We’ve got Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” “Panty Dropper” Johnson man-ing up the place. Also Paul Walker. Just two dudes at the peak of physical perfection and badassitude, thrown into a movie together where all they can do is kick ass. Also Paul Walker. The Rock and Riddick are all set again to kick as much ass as Fast Five did. Also Paul Walker will be there. Seriously, doesn’t that guy just look like the human equivalent of an afterthought? He’s so out of place next to the other guys.

I know I’m throbbing with horsepower or some car analogy for Fast and Furious 6‘s Memorial Day 2013 release date. Are you?

[Via Indiewire]