Make a Dark Knight Rises TV spot for Nolan to judge


A while ago there was contest for people to design a Dark Knight Rises t-shirt. Christopher Nolan and producer Emma Thomas picked the top entries. With the film fast approaching, there’s a new contest asking for fans to create their own 25 second TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises. The winner will be selected by Nolan himself and will get to attend the New York City premiere of the film. The winning spot may even air on national television.

To enter, you’ll want to visit Imported from Gotham City for rules and to access all of the official video and music assets. Entries will be accepted until June 29th. My entry would be Batman doing the Batusi to The Jam’s cover of the TV theme song; or possibly “Shout to the Top” by The Style Council (Paul Weller’s band after The Jam broke up) since it’s a comeback song and the movie seems to be about Batman making a comeback. I would not win.

To see the five winners from the Dark Knight Rises t-shirt contest, visit Design By Humans. After the cut, The Jam’s cover of the Batman theme song and The Style Council’s “Shout to the Top” for your listening pleasure.

[Via /Film]

“Batman Theme” by The Jam

“Shout to the Top” by The Style Council

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