Making of clip: Killing Them Softly


My exposure to Andrew Dominik’s Killing Them Softly has mostly been limited to a single trailer and Xander’s review from a month or so ago. In a nutshell, he didn’t like it very much, and his reasoning was sound enough that I haven’t paid it much mind. That being said, my interest has been slightly piqued after watching this ‘making of’ clip. Why? It’s hard to say, honestly. I think a part of me just needs to accept that it likes Brad Pitt. Otherwise, there’s not much going on here. Some talking, some gangster types, and only a suggestion of violence. Personally, I prefer my hit-men to have a bit more ‘hit’ when in front of the camera. Of course, sometimes a slow and suggestive film can be just as powerful as a loud and brash one. I guess we’ll just have to see for our selves when it opens wide November 30th.

[via Apple Trailers]