Malin Akerman in talks to play Rampage villain opposite Dwayne Johnson, plot details emerge


The live-action adaptation of Rampage seems to be moving forward without any hitches. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is playing the hero of the film, and director Brad Peyton promises scares and the feels. Today Heat Vision reported that Malin Akerman is in talks to play the villain of the movie.

So, is Akerman playing all of the army guys?

No. Not quite. In addition to this casting news, Heat Vision provided the following synopsis of the Rampage film:

Like the video game, the film will feature three creatures–a monstrously transformed gorilla, crocodile, and wolf–who wreak havoc on North American cities and landmarks. Only one man can stop them: the animal-loving hero played by Johnson.

Akerman will play the movie’s villainess, a calculating head of a tech company that is behind the monsters.

Oof. That sounds less fun than a movie in which The Rock plays all three monsters and Akerman plays everyone in the armed forces. Trust me, the version of Rampage in my head I just described is awesome. The octopus was very scary.

[via Heat Vision/The Hollywood Reporter]

Hubert Vigilla
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