Mallrats 2 is called MallBrats, seriously


Kevin Smith tweeted out earlier a screenshot of his completed first draft for Mallrats 2, in which was contained the movie’s new title: MallBrats. Which, one: that’s goddamn amazing. In my dreams, it’s a prequel about Brodie and T.J. as babies, but we all know it’s probably going to be about the two of them as dads, with kids. And it’s probably going to be bad, because it’s a Kevin Smith movie in 2016, but, but, but… I have to ask myself the question.

What if it’s good?

I mean, seriously. He’s got that and Clerks 3 coming up, and even though Clerks 2 is kinda a thematic stomping on everything that made Clerks special, it had a dance sequence and important lessons about Ass To Mouth. What if Kevin Smith makes a return to movies that I care about once more? What if now is the time? 

[via /Film]