Mama might spawn more sequels, become a franchise



The year’s best horror film, according to our own Sean Walsh, might have found some footing for its future of scary spider ladies and cherry-stained children. Universal is contemplating expanding on the Mama mythos with talks of establishing a franchise. Considering the film has made six times its budget (while still unreleased in 40+ territories across the world), it’s a no-brainer that Universal would want to capitalize on the name.

However, the film’s director, Andrés Muschietti, isn’t too keen on the prospect of milking the story too thin:

Sequels are always tricky. I know how studios think but I don’t see ‘Mama’ as something you can exploit because you’re screwing with the original.

I was cringing throughout the film, but that’s only because of my inability to fake machismo during horror films. While I think Mama works well as a stand-alone film, I’d like to see what kind of story they could pull out for Mama 2: Daughter of Mama.

[via First Showing]