Man claims he found ‘time traveler’ in Charlie Chaplin film


I’m skeptical of claims like this, but part of me really wants to believe, so here goes:

George Clarke of Yellow Fever Productions claims to have spotted a time traveler in Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus, released in 1928. His evidence? A woman (or a man crossdressing, in my opinion) walking past the camera holding what looks like a cell phone up to her ear and talking into it. (The Daily notes that you can skip past his introduction to 2:43 to see the footage.) He asserts that he has spent over one hundred hours analyzing the footage and showing it to multiple people and film festivals, yet no one can come up with a good explanation.

My mind immediately jumped to it being a walkie talkie, but a quick search reveals that such devices were not in use until the 1940s, and they certainly weren’t that small. It begs the question, though: who is this woman talking to? There certainly weren’t any cell phone satellites in the 1920s, so even if we eliminate that possibilities, this would still be a highly advanced walkie talkie that shouldn’t exist for years.

Gawker points out that this isn’t the first time we’ve found possible proof of time travelers, but all that does is raise more questions. I guess we’ll have to wait for now, knowing the truth is out there…DUN DUN DUN!

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