Manimal is getting a live action/CG hybrid adaptation


Through my short stint here on Flixist (two months of credible nonsense, several months of community nonsense), I have learned two things. We take ourselves extremely seriously, and we love us some Humanimals…for some reason. What I’m trying to say is that every once in a while you’ll get a news of a project that’s full of so much WTF-ery (last week was all about that!) that just seems to perfectly embody our website’s funk-ay personality.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Manimal, an eight episode television series (because it was canceled hastily) where Dr. Johnathan Chase had the power to morph into animals to fight crime (which he mostly used to turn into a black panther in each episode because he presumably had no imagination), is getting adapted by Sony Pictures Animation into a live action/CG hybrid with Glen A. Larson (the original producer on the show) set to produce.

Since Sony seems content to mine the past for material, and since now seems like nothing is off the table, might I suggest Animorphs or a reboot of The Animal?  They’re essentially the same thing except less wacky and less connected to an underground internet movement where some dudes dress in animal costumes and do stuff with each other. Pro tip: Don’t search “Humanimals” in Google Images. Just don’t do it, I beg of you. 

[via THR]