Mansell to score Mass Effect 3


I’m a a little late out of the gate with this one. By that I mean this news is a couple days old and I’ve never played Mass Effect (sacrilege!). I do, however, love every Clint Mansell soundtrack that ever complimented the films of Darren Aronofsky, and I adore the video games of Bioware (Baldur’s Gate I & II, Knights of the Old Republic). 

When news broke that the blockbuster Science Fiction Role Playing Game company had signed the man who scored Requiem for a Dream to do Mass Effect 3, I slipped into a euphoric trance and emerged prepared to blog. If there’s one truly great aspect of Aronofsky’s The Fountain, it’s the Mansell score weaving through glorious cosmic imagery. I have no doubt that his work will elevate the franchise to even greater reaches of epic-ness and I don’t think I can ignore these games much longer.

If you are one of the many ME junkies, know that it just got real.

If you’re only here for the Mansell, this will be his first collaboration with the game industry. His latest soundtrack is Black Swan.

[Via Destructoid]