Marc Webb talks about The Amazing Spider-Man


The above header is fanart, NOT an official piece of art from the movie… but isn’t it sad that this fanart evoked more excitement from me than all of the official images combined? I swear, the people making this movie have the WORST PR team and should be effing fired.

Speaking of movies called The Amazing Spider-Man, Marc Webb, the film’s director, shared some thoughts on his reasoning for this Spidey film’s decidedly different direction to that of Sam Raimi’s original trilogy:

Peter Parker is a science whiz. If you look back to the early Stan Lee and Steve Ditko comics, he’s a nerd with big glasses. The idea of what a nerd is has changed in 40 or 50 years. Nerds are running the world. Andrew Garfield made a movie [called “The Social Network”] about it. Nerds are no longer pariahs and knowing how to write computer code is [no] longer a [mocked] quality. What was important in those early comics was this notion that Peter Parker is an outsider and how we define that in a contemporary context.

That makes sense…

The 90-pound weakling, that’s who Spider-Man is when he gets bit. So much of the DNA of the character is the fact that he was a kid when he got bit. He is imperfect, he is immature and has a bit of a punk rock instinct. In his soul he’s still a 90-pound weakling even after [the transformative bite].

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Whoa, wait, huh? What? “Punk rock instinct”? Since when, Marc Webb? Peter Parker was never ‘punky’. He was never cool and never had feathered coifs that attracted the ladies. I agree that he’s imperfect, but I think it’s important to keep the essence of Peter Parker in tact. He’s a gifted genius who is kind of shy and unassuming. From what I’ve seen so far, he looks like a jock playing for the home team. What gives, I tell ya, what gives?

One of the things we tried to do was keep the stunts more grounded physically and that was a huge challenge because you have a character whose abilities are superhuman. How do you do that in a way that’s convincing and real?… We spent months and months and months developing rigs so he could swing in a way that wasn’t computer-generated. Obviously there’s going to be enhancements and CG [sequences], but it’s based in a physical reality and that’s a new technique [for this film brand].

Pff… I dunno. I guess here’s hoping it looks good. I’ve seen some pretty hoaky stunts before that used these “rigs” he speaks of, so I think it’s a safe bet that it will look like a mid-90’s movie that used mainly stunts but then tried out some CGI that cost them a billion dollars to render out a single jump animation… Except now you can pretty much get that done for under a thousand, so they’re golden.