Margot Robbie, Davie Ayer re-teaming for all female DC movie, Gotham City Sirens


We got wind of Margot Robbie spearheading a solo Harley Quinn film before Suicide Squad even hit theaters, but luckily for us that mess didn’t hurt Robbie’s chances. According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Ayer will be producing and directing the now titled Gotham City Sirens, a film that’ll feature notable DC villainesses like Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. 

While I would’ve preferred a woman to direct, at least WB hired Geneva Robertson-Dworet (who wrote the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot) to tackle the script. Gotham City Sirens is too great of an idea to fall to the same kind of production issues Suicide Squad endured, so I hope Ayer avoids all of that this time. 

With Warner Bros. and DC Comics also moving forward with a Deadshot spin-off, I’m sure they’re banking on this film to succeed. I am too since I’m all for different superhero films. 

[via THR]