Margot Robbie in talks for live action Ghost in the Shell


After finally picking Rupert Saunders (Snow White and the Huntsman) to direct earlier this year, it seems things are finally picking up for the studio adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s popular Ghost in the Shell manga. This newest adaptation will apparently fall more in line with the original comics rather than the bevy of shows, films, or side project material. 

Now they’ve got their headliner: Margot Robbie. The actress (who’s known for her most recent spin in About Time and The Wolf of Wall Street) is in talks for what’s most likely the lead, Motoko Kusanagi, a cyber detective that’s hunting down a super criminal named The Puppeteer (although that’s yet to be confirmed). I don’t know much about the property myself, so you fans out there will have to fill me in. This a good choice? I’m all for more Robbie. She’s fantastic. 

[via The Wrap]