Margot Robbie is our big-screen Harley Quinn in 2016’s Suicide Squad


Get your comically large mallets ready, boys and girls! According to their sources, Collider reports that Margot Robbie, one of Flixist’s Hottest Babes of 2013, will be donning the red and black unitard of DC’s craziest broad, Harley Quinn. Best known as Joker’s long-suffering girlfriend (and for an almost universally hated redesign in The New 52 reboot), Quinn has been one of the lead characters in their Suicide Squad comic, so it’s no surprise she’ll be included in the big screen adaptation.

Robbie is a great actress, and I can see her pulling off the psychosexual persona of Quinn without any problem, but I’m just worried about the fact that Suicide Squad is the next movie after Batman vs. Superman. It just strikes me as lopsided, when you look at the rest of DC’s slate. It’s all Justice League and Justice League spin-offs post-Suicide Squad. The characters are traditionally C-listers and below (primarily due to their penchant for dying on their missions), which sounds more like Guardians of the Galaxy, which was the penultimate film of Marvel’s Phase 2, not third film in a universe that’s still finding its footing.

Either way, I’m excited for a Suicide Squad film, and especially excited to see which costume Margot Robbie would be wearing. No matter which one they pick, we win.