Margot Robbie’s Terminal gets a teaser


Margot Robbie is killing it right now, and from the looks of it she’s going to kill it again with the weird, trippy and utterly noir Terminal. The film got its first teaser trailer today and it doesn’t show much, but it does seem both creepy and as neo-noir as you can get. 

Since the trailer doesn’t reveal much, I’ll tell you what the film is about, because I’m a nice guy like that. The film is the directorial debut of perennial assistant director Vaughn Stein, and he wrote the screenplay as well. It takes place in a strange city and follows two assassins who are hired by someone mysterious, and in true noir fashion, get sucked into a conspiracy involving a strange janitor and a femme fatale named Annie (Robbie). 

Sounds frickin’ awesome. I’m hoping there’s a little sci-fi tossed into this, as science fiction noir is easily one of my favorite genres. 

Terminal will release on May 11, 2018.

Matthew Razak
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