Margot Robbie to produce and star in Barbie movie


Hey kids! Did you know that Mattel has just launched their own film division, called Mattel Films, and that they’re making a Barbie movie? Well they are! And they brought along everyone’s favorite Hot Topic sensation Harley Quinn! I mean Margot Robbie!

Mattel recently announced a partnership between themselves and Warner Bros. in order to create a live-action version of the iconic doll with Margot Robbie not only set to star as Barbie, but also to co-produce the film. This news comes after the presumed cancellation of the last attempt at a live-action Barbie movie, which was set to star Anne Hathaway as the doll. No directors have been named to this new project, but Mattel is certain that Robbie will portray Barbie in a “fresh and relevant way for today’s audiences”. I shudder to think what that could mean. 

As snarky as I may be, I’m glad that this movie is being made. Barbie is a cultural icon and I’m surprised that the character never got a live-action movie before this. Up until now, the only movies that Barbie appeared in were either direct-to-DVD specials aimed at pre-schoolers or cameos in movies like Toy Story 3. It’s about time that a touchstone of girl culture appears in her own feature length movie and that women of all ages can see Barbie get the justice that she deserves. 

The Barbie movie currently does not have a set release date.

Margot Robbie’s ‘Barbie’ Film Moves Ahead as Warner Bros. Closes Deal With Mattel – [Variety]

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