Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy return for next animated Batman film, The Killing Joke


DC and Warner Bros may be struggling with their big budget movies, but they’ve been dominating the home video and TV space for a long time. After the Bruce and Dini animation era, and after rebooting their animated properties to fit one universe, the DC animation wing has been chugging along pretty well. The last few films have been entertaining enough and have been steadily getting darker with each installment. It’s been gradual, but now everyone is comfortable with adapting one of DC’s darker stories, Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke. 

The Killing Joke is one of the more famous Batman stories for good reason. It tells the Joker’s origins as a well mannered guy who has one really bad day. It ends with Joker paralyzing Barbara Gordon and Batman maybe ending their squabble for good. Now we’re getting an animated version with their most famous voice actors Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill returning to voice their characters (who’ve played the duo since Batman: The Animated Series way back when). There’s no news as to how dark DC’s animation wing is willing to take the adaptation, but regardless this’ll be pretty great. 

Batman: The Killing Joke releases sometime this Summer. 

[via CBR]