Mark Hamill is the new voice of Chucky in Child’s Play reboot


Chucky has been around for what seems like forever, I remember many a night as a wee child having trouble sleeping because I couldn’t stop thinking that Chucky had conspired with my toys to kill me in my sleep. Ever since the original 1988 Child’s Play, the serial killing redhead doll has been voiced by Brad Dourif, but with a different distribution company handling the upcoming reboot, it necessitates change. Change in the form of one of the most popular voice actors of our generation. Mark Hamill.

While this isn’t the first time he’s voicing the terrifying little doll, it will be the first time he’s doing it in an official capacity. Hamill first voiced Chucky in an episode of Robot Chicken, remember Robot Chicken? Also, Hamill revealed the news in a way only he could, by way of Twitter post directly to his fans.

I do wonder why they waited so long to announce this. The Child’s Play reboot is set to release on June 21 so I assume his voice work is done, or at least I hope so. The reboot will start Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, Tim Matheson, and Mark Hamill.

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Anthony Marzano
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