Mark Millar’s Chrononauts to be adapted by Universal


Remember Kick-Ass? Remember Wanted? Remember Kingsman? You probably do, none of those films are old and one of them came out last month. But the point is: hey, there are still Mark Millar comics that haven’t become movies, and Universal is out to correct that post haste.

That comic is called Chrononauts, and currently attached to the adaptation are Millar himself and the series’ illustrator Sean Gordon Murphy as executive producer, and screenwriter Chris Morgan. Chris Morgan’s been writing Fast and Furious movies (aka the best blockbuster franchise of the modern age) since Tokyo Drift (aka the best Fast and Furious movie), so that’s why I’m excited. I’m never gonna shout from the roof tops for Mark Millar, but you tell me there’s a direct connection to Fast and Furious and I’m there. That’s just who I am.

[via /Film]