Mark Neveldine says Crank 3 is on, Idris Elba possible


Crank 2: High Voltage is the only movie that I genuinely have no idea whether it is a masterpiece or a travesty – if asked to give it a score right now, a ‘???’ would be the only honest answer. The first Crank is an epic victory on all fronts, but the sequel either escalates the concept to genius or way too far. Either way, director Mark Neveldine (of the Neveldine/Taylor double-hander) has confirmed that a third instalment is on the way and Idris Elba, currently starring in the directors’ Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance, is being strongly pursued for a part.

Naturally, the fact that the gloriously named protagonist, Chev Chelios, was charred to a crisp at the end of Crank 2 is only considered a minor obstacle to overcome. Let’s not forget, he already survived crashing to earth after falling from a helicopter at the climax of the original. (Sensational tagline: ‘He Was Dead. But He Got Better.’) I don’t believe it is humanly possible not to be excited for this – could it be yet another incredible blockbuster for 2012? – triply so when Neveldine mentions how he’d also love to get The Rock on board. One question remains: where will Amy Smart get f**ked next?

[via EMPIRE]