Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk to appear in Thor: Ragnarok


At the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron we see the Hulk flying off depressed to some unknown isolation. This leads us to one of the biggest issues with the Marvel universe at the moment: The Hulk has no standalone movie so all his character development has to be done within Avengers films. It looks like they’re going to let him flex a bit more, though, as Mark Ruffalo is officially close to a deal to show up in Thor: Ragnarok. Rumors had been spreading, but this is for real now.

This doesn’t fix the issue that The Hulk is one of the most complex characters Marvel has and yet he doesn’t have his own film series, but it does mean we’ll probably get to see Thor and the big green guy throw down again. That should be awesome. What would be even more awesome is if whatever happens in this movie leads to a stand alone Hulk film. They just inserted a new Ant-Man film into the line-up so that means they’re willing to do so. 

To conclude, Ruffalo in Ragnarok, give us a Hulk movie. 

Matthew Razak
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