Mark Wahlberg taking over for Chris Evans in Fuqua’s Infinite


Trading Chris Evans for Mark Wahlberg is like trading your Snickers bar for a Three Muskateers; it’s still good but you’ve lost best stuff. Antoine Fuqua is going to do that anyways after scheduling conflicts have force Chris Evans to leave his upcoming film, Infinite. Wahlberg is stepping in and will play the lead in the movie that’s about a man who discovers a secret society of people who remember all their past lives. It’s based on a book called The Reincarnation Papers, that I have never heard of until typing it this very moment.

So I’m not that interested in the film from that angle but I am always interested in Fuqua’s movies because they are so drastically different in their quality. At one moment he’s making Training Day and the next he can barely put together a coherent film and we get Shooter. Then he turns around makes a gritty bit of fun with The Equalizer. It’s just not clear if the man has any true ability to direct or just lucks out because he makes so many films. Hopefully, Infinite can be something good since its premise sounds interesting.

Infinite is currently scheduled to release Aug. 7, 2020.

Mark Wahlberg to Replace Chris Evans in Antoine Fuqua’s ‘Infinite’ [Variety]

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