Mars Needs Moms goes DTV in some territories


I’m sure everybody is aware of the box office bomb that is Mars Needs Moms. For those who have been living underneath a rock for the past couple of weeks, Jenika’s review might help explain why the movie’s been stinking up a storm. To help alleviate any future box office stinks in the lucky territories that haven’t seen the movie released yet, Disney is releasing the movie direct to video.

According to Variety, Disney is doing a Direct-To-Video release for Mars Needs Moms in the collective union of Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg). No other details were given, but I’m assuming it’s to help regain costs. It’s actually a good move on Disney’s part, as DVD sales would help recoup their losses… The problem is just finding people who’d actually want to see the movie, let alone own it.

[via Variety]