Martin Scorcese’s next movie is a Snowy return to form


Hugo comes out in two days, and it represents a radical change in tone and form for Martin Scorcese. If you’re on the fence about seeing it at all, think of it this way. One of the greatest living filmmakers is trying two completely new things, given his body of work. Is it going to be great? Maybe not. Does it deserve your attention, solely to see what he does with it? Goddamned right. Don’t be a dick about this. That’s mostly directed towards my father. Man’s seen every Scorcese movie in theaters, but he’s going to skip this one because of 3D. That’s pretty much bulls**t, Dad.

Mocking my father aside (love you!), Sorcese has chosen his next film. He will be adapting The Snowman, a Norwegian crime drama by Jo Nesbo. The book follows cop Harry Hole, as he investigates a possible serial killer, following the discovery of a woman’s scarf wrapped around an “ominous looking snowman.” I hope that means it’s like Jack Frost. It can be either the horror movie or the Michael Keaton one. Both are equally gritty and horrifying.

[Via THR]