Marvel announces their first animated entry in the Cinematic Universe with What if…?


I love alternate universe stories in comics, and outside of comics as well. It’s so metaphysical and I love the idea that one small thing being different can have such large ripple effects on our or a characters reality. So tonight when Marvel announced their first animated entry into the Cinematic Universe was going to be a collection of What if…? stories, I was absolutely elated.

For those that don’t know, the What if…? line of stories in the Marvel continuity all involve something different happening in the base Earth-616 story line. One of the classic examples is what if instead of mobsters killing Frank Castle’s family, it was actually a group of super heroes. That meta question was answered with one of my favorite one-shot comics Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe.

The animated series will be narrated by Jeffrey Wright who will play the omnipresent Watcher. It has also been hinted that many of the main MCU characters will come back to reprise their roles. Marvel’s What It…? will premiere on Disney+ next summer.

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