Marvel Drops New Moon Knight Teaser “Secret Agent”


The hits keep coming from Marvel. They are turning up the hype for Moon Knight. The studio just released a 30-second glimpse into more of what we can expect from the new six-episode live-action take on the comic book hero.

Titled”Secret Agent,” we get a glimpse of the original identity of Moon Knight, Marc Spector, seen talking to the Steven Grant identity in a reflection. Steven seems to finally figure out what is going on and why he can’t remember certain things. Marc makes a shocking comment stating to him the following, “You weren’t supposed to see any of this.”

Transformation_Moon Knight

VIa: Marvel YouTube Channel

There are a ton of new shots and moments to delve into that will, of course, no doubt be de-constructed frame by frame. You can be that some of the biggest YouTube fan Marvel channels will have videos out soon of their breakdowns.

Steven ends up asking his Marc reflection, “What are you?” and then we finally see another grand reveal of the Moon Knight transformation. Oscar Issac seems to have the role down and can distinguish between his various identities. In a recent behind-the-scenes teaser released last week, Issac mentioned that the show would be respectful of the fact that Marc does have Multiple Personality Disorder.

Moon Knight is shaping up to be another epic hit for DIsney+ and Marvel ahead of Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness. If what was said is accurate, we are in for something completely new and exciting, and I can’t wait. Stay tuned for our reviews later this month of the premiere episode. You can catch Moon Knight on March 30th.

Tarah Bleier
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