Marvel gets Angelina too, may star in ‘The Eternals’


Well, they sort of proclaimed it in Black Panther when Marvel told Kendrick Lamar to write a song about how they’ll get “all of the stars.” Seems they weren’t joking. Marvel’s latest catch is none other Maleficent herself, Angelina Jolie. So, maybe it’s more like they’re borrowing her from Papa Mouse, but it still holds water. The MCU ensemble cast continues to grow ever more impressive.

Jolie is rumored to be attached to The Eternals. I can hear you all asking Alexa/Siri/Google: Who the hell are the Eternals? Let’s ruminate: five million years ago, a race called the Celestials visited Earth and experimented on humanity’s early monkey-brothers. The Celestials created a couple of races, amongst them, the Eternals. They’re near immortal, and probably cooler than normal dudes and chicks. Additionally, the Celestials imbued the traits in our ancestors that allowed for superhero-like mutations to form amongst humankind. 

If Celestials sounds familiar, it’s because they’ve made several appearances in the MCU thus far, predominantly in the Guardians of the Galaxy films (think Ego, from GOTG 2).

There’s no word yet on Jolie’s role outside of the hiring itself. In fact, what we do know amounts to the sum parts of diddly and squat. Chloe Zhao is set to direct, and that’s it. Jolie is next set to star in Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil set to bow October 18, 2019.