Marvel President reveals Thor 2 details


I wasn’t mad about this summer’s adaptation of Thor, but people more familiar with the comics (aka anyone who has so much as glanced at one) were much more enthusiastic. Those people will probably have a greater understanding of the details recently revealed by Marvel President Kevin Feige, who said that the inevitable sequel will feature the remaining six of the nine Realms. According to Get The Big Picture, the names of those realms are Alfheim, Hel (sounds nice), Muspelheim, Nidavellir, Svaltalfheim and Vanaheim. I hope those names mean more to you than they do to me.

It was also revealed that Marvel have been looking at Patty Jenkins, director of the Charlize Theron-starring Oscar bait Monster, to replace Kenneth Branagh and his crazy skewed angles at the helm. Feige also stated that the new movie would strongly focus on the relationship between Thor and his old dad and develop the love story with Jane (Natalie Portman). No news on whether Kat Dennings, who is now leading a television sitcom, would be returning.

[via Get The Big Picture]