Marvel’s 2014 movie may be Guardians of the Galaxy


Latino Review has sought to put the speculation on Marvel’s yet-unannounced 2014 movie to rest. According to their sources, this Comic-Con will see Disney and Marvel announce Guardians of the Galaxy as their next original franchise. LR’s sources claim the script is “incredible,’ and Thanos, our friend from the end of The Avengers will appear, helping to lead into The Avengers 2. So, in essence, the post-credits scene for Avengers was a lead-in for the Avengers sequel as well as this Guardians of the Galaxy film. For a quick primer, the Guardians of the Galaxy are a group of peacekeeprs in the cosmic part of the Marvel universe that operates out of, essentially, a dead space god’s head. Their roster includes a psychic Soviet dog, a dude that looks like a talking raccoon, and a talking space tree that’s also a brilliant scientist. Nova, sort of a Marvel take on the Green Lantern as a space cop concept, is also set to appear.

Keep in mind, this hasn’t been officially announced yet, but the pieces all fit. We’ve known for a while now that Marvel was considering making a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so it’s clearly had some development time. This also gives Marvel the opportunity to explain Thanos as a credible threat, other than being the guy we saw pulling all the strings of the first Avengers. I suppose we’ll see at Comic Con whether or not this proves to be true! If it is, I’m super excited, as the Guardians made for a pretty awesome team while their book was still running.

[Via Latino Review]