Marvel’s Ant-Man cast loses actors, confirms some roles


Marvel’s Ant-Man has been in a bit of a pickle. After Edgar Wright’s big exit, multiple rewrites, hiring Peyton Reed on as director, now the project is even more turmoil due to all of these hiccups. Thanks to the delayed production, three actors have left the film due to scheduling conflicts: Patrick Wilson (who was suspected to play a villain and will be recast), and Matt Gerard and Kevin Weisman (whose roles were cut altogether thanks to rewrites). 

At least there’s some confirmed roles for the few that are staying, however. Corey Stoll is set to play the villain, Darren Cross (who I won’t spoil but you can totes Google it), and Evangeline Lilly will play Hope Van Dyne (who may or may not be related to The Wasp). Sigh, I just don’t like watching all of this go down. If Guardians of the Galaxy can hit theaters without major tweaks, why can’t the other weird project do the same? Now all we can do is imagine what an Edgar Wright Ant-Man would’ve been like. What’s going on, Marvel?

Ant-Man releases July 17th, 2015…maybe.

[via The Wrap