Marvel’s awesome Phase One Blu-ray box set is delayed


Remember that awesome sounding collector’s edition “Phase One” Blu-ray box set for The Avengers? Remember that it was a replica of Nick Fury’s tesseract suitcase and had ten discs of Marvel owned awesomeness? Remember it supposed to come out around the time that The Avengers released on Blu-ray? No, you don’t remember? Well that’s okay because it doesn’t exist anymore. 

Because Marvel made a replica of the German luggage company Rimowa’s suitcase and was going to make a s***ton of money without (allegedly) asking permission from Rimowa first, Rimowa sued Marvel for not sharing all da money. And since the replica looks an awful like the original suitcase’s design (the ridges, the shape, etc.), Marvel and Rimowa are now in the middle of a legal situation which has put a stop to the production of the awesome looking collector’s set. 

According to an update on Amazon, Marvel is planning to offer a similar collection in new packaging” which will “include the original titles offered the first version of the item, and [they] expect it to be available in the Spring of 2013.” That’s a shame. Hopefully the delay will sweeten the deal with some added bonuses to the collection. I don’t know, I’m just sad I have to settle with the four disc 3D Blu-ray combo set like all the other normies. 

[via IGN]