Marvel’s marvelous Captain Marvel trailer is a marvel

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

Well, Marvel waited. They held their cards to their chest and they didn’t give us even a whiff of Captain Marvel until the first looks last week, but now it’s here. The damn trailer for Captain Marvel has finally arrived and it’s… wait for it… wait for it… marvelous!

No, honestly, that’s a pretty dope trailer. I love that they instantly date the film, which takes place before much of the rest of the MCU, by having her fall straight into a Blockbuster, and from there it just builds wonderfully. Then you get the Young Sam Jackson reveal along with the nice nod to this being Marvel’s first female lead and it’s all MCU greatness from there. Brie Larson looks like a badass in the few glimpses we get of full-on Marvelness, and an actress of her caliber should knock this role out of the park. Also, she punches an old woman in the face, which is clearly the main take away here. She’s channeling some prime Wicker Man Nic Cage, right there.

I keep thinking I’ll get tired of this stuff, but the trailers keep reeling me back in. It helps the movies keep turning out good too. I can’t say we learned all that much new plotwise from the trailer, but I’m sure we’ll be getting a full dump of content as the build-up to release comes out. You know, so we can see the entire film before it even opens by piecing together trailers! For me, this one is enough. I’m pumped.

Also, please see the poster below featuring an airplane hanger, Captain Marvel, and something weird in the bottom left corner. It’s unclear what that is. Maybe a dog? A Flerken? Captain Marvel’s cat, Chewie?

Captain Marvel releases nationwide on March 8, 2019.

Matthew Razak
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