Marvel’s Phase Two concept art has Winter Soldier, Falcon


Marvel had to make up for delaying the collector’s edition of the Phase One Blu-ray set last year, so in turn they have added a huge amount of extras for their upcoming Phase Two films, Captain America: Winter Soldier (which now has Robert Friggin’ Redford!) and Guardians of the Galaxy. First off is our first good look at Winter Soldier’s new look (with a mask covering the bottom part of his face rather than the comic counterpart’s top half), our first look at Anthony Mackie’s Falcon (those wings are boss), and even a nice good luck at Rocket Raccoon who’s now more realistic looking than I first figured. 

Along with the character art are some of the environments, and if Thor is any indication, these environments will translate well to the big screen. Still, that Winter Soldier looks odd to me for some reason. I just can’t put my finger on it. 

[via Bleeding Cool]