Marvel’s Runaways renewed for season 3 by Hulu


Fans of the television side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are likely still reeling from the total purge of Marvel shows off of Netflix, but everything seems hunky-dory on Hulu. Marvel’s lead show on the streaming service, teen drama Runaways, will be returning for a third season. A cheeky tweet featuring series star and actual raptor Old Lace confirmed the news.

The show from Stephanie Savage & Josh Schwartz, who collaborated on Gossip Girl and The O.C. before, will be joined by a number of adult-oriented animated Marvel shows on Hulu. These are presumed to not be in the same Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the fact that the animated shows will coalesce into a crossover event called The Offenders is a not-so-subtle nod at The Defenders project on Netflix.

The second season, which I reviewed for this site, was a bit uneven, but furthered the character development of these super-powered teens on the run from their morally ambiguous and conniving parents. Without spoiling too much, the latest season ended on an absurd cliffhanger, so the show’s return is a bit of relief for fans.

I am a bit surprised that Schwartz and Savage are returning, as the pair is reportedly working on a Star Trek spin-off titled Starfleet Academy—I’d presume that it would be Star Trek, but starring angsty teens. The renewal of Runaways is less of a surprise, as Hulu doesn’t have the same behind-the-scenes political nonsense that Netflix has. In fact, ever since the purchase of 21st Century Fox by Disney officially closed, Disney now owns a majority of Hulu, probably making the renewal an easier move.

No release date or production date was announced, but the third season will come back with ten episodes, the same number as season 1 and three fewer episodes than season 2. Check out our New York Comic-Con interview with the cast and producers of Runaways from last October.

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