Marvel’s Runaways third season will be its last on Hulu


There goes the neighborhood. While many assumed that Marvel Television’s Runaways was safe from the cancellation purge that took the Netflix-Marvel shows, a new trailer casually dropped the fact that this season of the Hulu superhero teen drama will be the final one.

According to sources to several trades and outlets, the lack of a fourth season comes from the writers believing that the story had reached a natural end. This may come as a surprise to fans, seeing how there was no hint to this being the case during the several months of promotion for this season, which included a New York Comic-Con 2019 panel that yours truly attended.

With Runaways set to end, all that will be left of the Marvel Television slate is Helstrom for Hulu, which recently began filming, and a number of adult animated shows, also for Hulu. A Ghost Rider show starring Gabriel Luna was greenlit alongside Helstrom, but all plans for the project were unexpectedly dropped. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC will be the last survivor, with the seventh season being its last.

It would be hard to believe that this move to end the series isn’t a result of internal politics. Marvel Television is now out of the purview of Marvel Entertainment, and instead under the watchful eye of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios; Cloak & Dagger on Freeform was abruptly canceled, and Marvel Television’s president and awkward dad Jeph Loeb is on his way out of the company. It’s pretty clear now that Marvel Studios’ Disney+ output is all that can exist after this restructuring.

Fans of the Runaways can enjoy their last taste of the show, which will also feature Cloak and Dagger, when season 3 streams on Hulu on December 13.

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