Marvel shifts around a bunch of release dates for Spidey


Did you hear about Spider-Man? Of course you did. You’re on the Internet right now and that’s all that’s being talked about. We now have the first true effects of the deal between Sony and Marvel and that is new release dates for Marvel’s film slate. You may remember the study basically called dibs on a bunch of major opening days up through 2020. Well, now they’re taking it back to make room for Spidey.

The new Spidey movie is coming out July 28, 2017. That’s pushing Thor: Ragnarok to November 3, 2017. That’s when Black Panther was set to release so that film is moving to July 6, 2018, which in turn was when Captain Marvel was releasing, bumping that film to November 2, 2018. Finally, since Inhumans was landing on that date it will be moved to July 12, 2019. Neither of the Avengers films are moving, and that causes Inhumans to now become the first film of Phase 4.

What does this all mean? Not much for the rescheduled films, but the force in of Spidey to the July 28 release date basically guarantees that Spider-Man is going to be showing up in the Avengers films. Considering he plays such a big role in Civil War, we’ll also put good money that he’ll be showing up in the next Captain America film as well as reports say that this new Spidey is first going to appear in an MCU film.

Head asplode.

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Matthew Razak
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