Marvel Studios is going to absorb Marvel Television


An era is officially coming to an end. Deadline has reported that Marvel Television is shutting down. All of its assets are being absorbed into Marvel Studios under the direction of Kevin Feige. This change seems to already be in motion. Back in September, we learned that the future of Marvel Television was uncertain. A month later, Kevin Feige was promoted to be over both Marvel Television and Marvel Studios. It has all come to a head now, and the transition will have collateral damage.

If you’re unaware of what the difference is between these two organizations, allow me to explain. After Disney purchased Marvel Entertainment in 2009, they created a separate division named Marvel Television. It was to be headed by famed comic book writer Jeph Loeb. It was entirely separate from Marvel Studios, which made films and was directed by Kevin Feige. Because of this separation, the television and movie products that Marvel created were entirely distinct. If you were ever frustrated by the lack of significant crossover between the TV shows and the movies, this organizational structure was to blame. This problem is about to be remedied, because all Marvel television content will be made by Marvel Studios directly from now on.

The real tragedy here is that many people will lose their jobs. Jeph Loeb, as well as a number of other Marvel Television staff will be laid off. Their positions are likely now redundant. Hopefully these talented people will land on their feet. Surely the many streaming services available now are looking for brilliant people to help build their original content libraries.

Marvel Television was already working on some shows, and that work will continue. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will still receive its final season. Hulu’s Helstrom series will be made. Finally, four animated television shows are still in the works for Hulu. All other projects from that organization have ceased.

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